3.2 Library Window (YELLOW):

This window contains four tabs: Library, Search, Replace and Triggers. In this section we will focus on the Library and Search tab. The Replace and Trigger tabs will be explained later on in the manual.

Library Tab:

Access to the master library, your sound libraries, projects, presets, sound packs and playlists. Use the search browser to find the sound you want.  Select an audio file and press spacebar in order to preview it. If you double click on it, the Sound editor will open and play back the selected sound.

Similarly, you can select from ADD’s hundreds of presets in the preset menu to get started. We go into detail on presets later in this manual.

In this tab you can search soundpacks or look at your playlists such as project favorites and session sounds.

At the bottom of this window you will find a “Plus” and “Minus” button. These will create and remove playlists.

Search Tab:


Browse and preview sounds by typing a keyword in the search browser. Select “And/ Or” for a better result and “Reset” will allow you to clear the search browser.

Alternatively, you can narrow your search pool by choosing: Category, Subcategory, Type and Subtype.

Above the search bar there are three tabs: Keywords, Add and Libraries. 

  • The Keywords Tab will show all keywords that are in the metadata of your current pool of sounds. 
  • In the Add Tab you can choose to search sounds by feels and are able to look at the keywords in use by first letter. 
  • The Libraries Tab allows you to focus your search so you are only searching in the selected libraries. 

You can use these pull downs to help give you ideas for the search terms that describe the type of sound you’re looking for.