A.D.D interface comes with four resizeable and detachable windows to adapt it to your workspace.

3.1 Video Window (RED)

  • This window solely consists of the imported video.
  • This window can be detached by selecting ‘Detach Video’ or Option + Command + 2
  • This window can be closed and reopened using the Command + 2
  • To view video in full screen, go to Video > Fullscreen or press Command + F

Master Bar: This window contains your video, timecode display and playback operations, which are:

  • Playback button (Spacebar): Plays and stops the video.

  • Step back / Step forward button (Left and right arrow): Moves video forward or backwards one frame at the time.

  • Rewind (J) / Fast Forward (L) button: Rewind and fast forward speed will increase by pressing this button multiple times.

  • Previous / Next Marker button (Option + left or right arrow) : Moves your cursor to the next or previous marker.

  • Go to beginning / Go to end button (Command + left or right arrow): Moves cursor to the beginning or end of the video.

  • Loop button (Command + L): Loops a selection or the entire video.

  • Master Gain: Displays the project levels. Can be adjusted by dragging the arrow.